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TDi Search360° is a cost-effective and reliable way to aggregate, analyse, and monitor information on supply chain risk for specific countries, materials, locations, businesses, initiatives or projects. It combines the use of TDi's proprietary data scraping search algorithm with the human analysis of a subject matter expert.

The tool covers more than 50 risk areas derived from the benchmarking of more than 60 internationally recognised voluntary sustainability standards and regulatory instruments, including OECD DDG Annex II, Copper Mark, ResponsibleSteel, IRMA, and ASI, as well as TDi's continual public issues monitoring.

Search360° can be used to complete analysis of incidences, allegations, and association with stakeholder concerns and complaints about materials supply chains and for specific supply chain partners and suppliers.

Once the inital risk insight report analysis has been conducted, automatic email alerts flag any new issues, creating for a low-cost monitoring solution that allows companies to monitor dozens of high-risk suppliers on a regular basis.

This is currently a bespoke tool and subscription service. Please get in touch to enquire about how Search360° can help your business stay ahead of the curve when it comes to risk monitoring.